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District Accountability Guidance 

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​Need a School Board that Governs and Understands Governance 

  • Board represents the interest of the Student (who is the customer)

  • Board needs to promote equal access - not donor access

  • ​Term limits needed

  • Campaign Finance Reform Needed (no union contributions for school-board members)

  • Students First Mentality needs to take hold

  • Review and demonstrated understanding of policies by School Board

  • Superintendent works for the School Board (not the other way around) 

  • Role of Charter Schools in the District 


ALL STUDENTS have EQUAL access to pursue their passions in our High Performing District.

  • Special Education 

  • Athletics​

  • Extra-Curriculars 

  • High Performing means College and/or Career Bound Path for ALL Students

Student Health & Wellness

District needs to address the whole-student and support their success.  SDUHSD needs to recognize the interconnectedness between health and education, as well as the need to foster health and well-being at home and in the community.

  • Drug Cultures on Campuses

    • Legalized Marijuana effects on our campuses

    • Regular drug tests for ALL staff.  No tolerance policy in our District for everyone; not just students.

  • Bullying (what does this mean in our District?)

  • Later Start Times (options)

  • Overcrowding is a problem. Lottery may need to be re-evaluated.

  • Campus Security (where are the cameras?)

  • Where is the leadership?   Principals should not be more concerned with the rights of donors over the rights of students.

  • Student's should not fear saying something when they are not comfortable


If a school is transparent, people can be held accountable for their actions; allowing Students to excel.

  • District Budgets

    • Site budgets (School inequities (utilities, counseling, fundraising, etc)

    • Foundations do not run the school/ need clear lines between the District and the Foundations.  All Donations by Foundations need to be accepted by the School Board.

  • Employee Contracts – need to be clear and in the open and available for public comment.  Contracts need no tolerance clauses

  • School Board needs to converse in Public Session and stop perceived Brown Act Violations -- We need to know our School Board Members know their job and to conduct the District's business in the public domain. 

  • Open Communication    

    • Board meetings should be video recorded - ACCOMPLISHED in 2018

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