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Trustee Info

Interested in running? Nov. 2020!

Reinvigorate our District  

Trustees Area Map - Cranberry 1 was Approved by School Board December 14, 2017.  

Role of the School Board

Per the CA School Board Association, there are six "jobs" that our Board is responsible for to ensure continued district improvement:

  1. Setting a vision and goals with a primary focus on student achievement and alignment of resources to realize those goals.

  2. Establishing and maintaining a balance between system-wide coherence and local (school site) autonomy.

  3. Using data to inform and support continuous improvement, especially for student achievement.

  4. Creating a district culture that supports student achievement, including strong community partnerships.

  5. Investing in human capital by building staff capacity at all levels.

  6. Maintaining stable and effective leadership while ensuring a shared vision and responsibility for meeting goals that can withstand leadership transitions.  

Source:  "The School Board Role in Creating the Conditions for Student Achievement," Review of the research (5/2017). 

Candidates: Board members are elected in November elections. Persons wishing to file must submit their papers down at the Registrar of voters office located at 5600 Overland Ave, San Diego. Usually filing begins in the August before the election, but check the Registrar of Voters website during the summer before the election season to learn actual dates. Also get a copy of the Candidate Filing Guide (posted on the Registrar of Voter website during election season) to help inform you about what is needed to complete your filing (e.g. candidate statement, filing fee for ballot statement, financial form 700, creation of a political fundraising committee, and more).

Donation records: Persons wishing to learn about "who gave to who" can check through the on-line campaign portal by entering the candidate's or organization's name (e.g. San Dieguito Faculty Association PAC).

Fair Political Practices: Need to file a form, a complaint or learn more? Click here or read the FPPC regs that apply to all candidates.   

Voters: Click here to check your voter registration.  Need to register to vote? Click here.  You must register to vote at least 15 days before the election in which you wish to vote.

Other resources:

Conflicts of Interest On-line Handbook 

(2/2017) Office of Attorney General

CA Public Funds Laws

• CA Constitution: Art. XVI - Prohibits public agencies from gifting public money or resources to individuals and nonprofit organizations.
• Cal. Gov't Code: section 8314 - It is unlawful for any elected official, appointee or employee to permit others to use public resources for a campaign activity, or personal or other purposes not authorized by law.
• Consequences of violating CA Ethics Laws

Good Governance Checklist (Instit. for Local Gov't)

CA Ed Code 44987:  Requires unions to repay districts for salaries and benefits of reps on leave to conduct union activities.  (Vista Union required to reimburse district for salaries and benefits paid while on leave). SD Tribune 

Local Press:

Education Matters - Opinion, by M. Sutton

Del Mar Times, K. Billings



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