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Title IX and Fields

There has been a lot of discussion in the community this year about the ball programs at TPHS. It is only fitting that eventually someone would bring up Softball. We offered to post to get the conversation going.

In the State of California, Title IX provides for equity between men's and women's sports programs. The Lady Falcons have been named CIF Champions 6 out of the past 10 years. For years at TP there was not equity in field space for girls sports. This year was supposed to be different. However, based on the following information, it looks like the District failed in it's planning.

  1. TPHS Master Plan shows a New JV Baseball Field on page 9

  2. If the Master Plan called for a JV Baseball Field who was responsible for the design of the High School Softball Field. Dimensions for a High School Softball Field is not what is on the Torrey Pines Campus.

  3. There is also concern about safety given that the New Baseball Scoreboard (which the girls don't have) is in the field of play.

  4. These pictures are of brand new fields. Go take a look at all four ball fields and determine for yourself if there is equity in the programs.

  5. New information obtained through public records shows that the rumors going around in 2017 that the girls needed a fence for their field of play but the school administration was making the families pay for it, in fact look to be true per public records. See Emails

Regardless, these girls are awesome and consistently winning Championships - despite the lack of equality in fields and cage facilities.

I know parents are afraid to ask these questions, otherwise they would not share for the watchdog to post. We need to start holding our Board and Administration accountable. This may be grounds for a Title IX Uniform Complaint.

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