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Letter to the School Board

“Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you Board Members Salazar and Muir. YOU SPOKE OUT for students and parents. We all are eternally grateful. What more you UNDERSTAND that you are serving your constituents.

Board Member Dalessandro:

You are going on 24 years as a member of the School Board. I am glad you are well and back from your knee surgery, which has kept you from participating and responding.

Now, that you are back, I hope you will not remain quiet when we need leadership. Cornellians are many things but never quiet against injustice. I DO want to thank you for not being there at the Board Meeting when the WINDOWS were being moved forward by your friends on the Board.

Board President Herman:

I believe you are going on 7 years. You are currently the Board President, please become proactive and advocate for all students.

This "misstep", citing Marsha Sutton's article, should not have gone this far and lead to 12+ media stories. Education Matters: Adult Transition Program the latest in a series of district missteps

Board Member Hergesheimer:

13 Years on the Board. I hope you will never again push for a "wrong solution to an already seriously wrong product."

Usually when in a position of leadership, it is a good idea to read up on literature and other documents and VISIT the site before pushing something horribly wrong.

Mr. Eric Dill:

This has been a very sharp learning curve ... FYI it's not plateauing anytime soon.

Ms. Rhea Stewart:

Is that really a GUARD TOWER in EWMS? This was asked by an inclusive education advocate.


Karen Billing ~ Del Mar Times

Lucile Lynch - Thank you

I want to send out a big THANK YOU to the Parent TEAM who helped in creating all the documents that initiated the movement.

Mary Turk

Thank you for all your work in raising an incredible role model, James Walker. For all the administrators, listed here, please get to know James and all the other wonderful students who deserve your attention.

Thank you All the parents who spoke out and did many things to ensure "!Si se puede!". You all helped in getting to this solution and creating the TASK FORCE.

Thank you FOURTH ESTATE- Jaime Chambers, Karen Billing, Aaron Burgin, Marsha Sutton and others, without your help, we wouldn't be able to make changes and get nationwide attention. SDUHSD type in ATP Programs and check what shows up.

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