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Drug Recovery Program to Be Located on Earl Warren Campus

Again, the District's Rudderless Leadership just does not get it. A Middle School Campus is for Middle School children. Is it really the proper place for the SDUHSD READI Program?

According to the recent Voice of San Diego Article, School Officials Wanted Everyone But Disabled Students to Move Into Gleaming New Campus, it looks like the READI Program will move from the LCC Campus to Earl Warren.

Do Middle School Parents even know what the READI Program is? Again the question must be asked, should High School Students or Adult Students be spending their day in the midst of pre-teens?

READI an alternative to suspension for teens with drug related offenses on campus -- again we understand teens are teens and we know they make poor decisions so READI seems to be a good alternative to not allowing poor teen behavior to ruin their life...most teens grow out of their teen behavior -- we have all been there.

The READI Program requires the students to enter the program two days throughout the week (Wednesday-Thursday), with Tuesdays reserved for Mandatory Parent Support Group.

  • The students will be in instruction from 8:00am to 3:00pm, with a half hour for lunch on the campus. Students are not allowed to leave the campus for any reason.

The Campus they can't leave? The Portable or access to the entire Earl Warren Campus?

It is time the District get it together and understand their Programs, have better planning so ALL students are served well.

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