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Start with Simple Math - Where is the Money Going?

$/Per ADA

General Fund Revenue $127,240,126 $10,474

Minus Paying People <$105,863,691> <$8,714>

Net Revenue $21,376,435 $1,759

** Object Code 8699 is where Districts typically identify the gifts and donations they receive. The District has stated $2,622,580 received as revenue. This amount is included in the General Fund Revenue amount. This amount equals $216/per ADA.**

Our Net Revenue minus the generosity of our Parent Community would leave:

Net Revenue $18,753,855 $1,543

(minus Foundation $)

A transparent District would clearly be able to articulate how this money is being spent. A transparent district would share with the entire District community where there are gaps in funding.

So again we ask:

How is the District Spending our TAX DOLLARS?

Once the District shares with the Community where the gaps are, Foundation leaders and paid Foundation employees would get to work to innovate ways to fill the gaps. Asking parents for money, is not innovative. So what is the gaps the Foundations are looking to fill?

Our assumption, based on EdData, is that the District is reporting to the state $2,622,580 from the Local Sources (the Foundations and PTAs). However, for the 2015-2016 school year the High School Foundations report the following dollars raised to support the mission of filling a gap. Here is what they state they raised in their 2016 990s (except for CCA whose was not available; used audited financials).

Foundation Amount Raised Site ADA $/ADA

TPHSF $2,327,878 2,602 $895

LCCHSF $1,290,073 1,894 $681

SDHAF $ 673,390 1,828 $368

CCAF $1,470,332 2,255 $652

Our High Schools raised $5,761,673 or $672/per HS-ADA.

Using simple Math we ask:

  1. How is the District spending $18,753,855 on our students -- can't say facilities -- we have a bond for that.

  2. How is the District receiving and spending the roughly $5,000,000 (took out cost to run the Foundations) that Parents and the companies they work for, are giving the Foundations to give the schools?

Where is the money going?

Source Data: EdData 2015-2016

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