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District Charges Girl Scouts for Facility Usage but gives away $1M in Facility Usage to For-Profit O

There is something very amiss in the San Dieguito UHSD Facilities Department when Girl Scouts are charged for use of the gym for their annual Father-Daughter Dance and the American Cancer Society for a Cancer Research Fundraiser and then the District gives away over $1,000,000 in facility rentals to For-Profit Organizations and Club Sport Teams.

Yes, that is what we said, public records show at least $1,000,000 has been given away by the School District to for profit organizations to use school Facilities and charge OUR students for services.

Superintendent Dill continues to say in public session that SDUHSD is the envy of other Districts. Superintendent Dill and our School Board need to get out of the District and see what others are doing; as they may be mistaking sarcasm as envy.

Stop selling out our Students to the worst bidders and clearly show the Public where the money is going?

NOTE TO THE GIRL SCOUTS: Go to Del Mar Union SD for facility usage, they will treat you fairly. Del Mar Union has an amazingly organized process to rent out their facilities: See Link -- Guess what public records showed; not-for-profits were charged just $5 per hour to use the fields.

Source data:

SDUHSD Policy 1330 and 1330 AR-1

Facility usage schedules and invoices for the four SDUHSD High Schools. The file data is massive. However, going through these records Watchdog has found that the District has been extremely inconsistent in following their policy from site to site.

In the initial review of the calendars and listed organizations as well as unlisted organizations, it is noted that many of the organizations never even completed the facility usage process, a number of the organizations that have obtained special privileges are For-Profit-Organizations (District really needs to check). Once we got close to $1M dollars in facility usage being squandered away (both fields and classroom usage) due to lack of policy being followed, special privileges being given and just a plain lack of transparency we decided it was time to post what we had to date. We need to start holding the District accountable to running our Public School in a transparent and ethical manner.

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