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District's "Healthy Kids" survey found that up to 26% of high school students felt so

Our School Board and Superintendent continue to promote the excellence of our school district; that we are the envy of other Districts in the County.

We admit, our School Community provides benefits but then again don't the majority of us move into this community early in our children's school life because of these promotions?

The question then becomes, are the boasts based on days of long ago, are they based on the Districts ability evolve or are they based on our Parents ability to not allow the system to hold our Students back.

Many questions to ponder.

On November 2, 2017, School Board Agenda includes the Single Site Plans for Student Achievement. A metric based plan per site to show where our sites have been and where they are taking our Students.

A metric of importance is based on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP). In 2016 an article came out indicating that CSUs will start to use these CAASPP scores to determine if a student is ready to take college level math and english and could impact their registration even if they are CSU eligible.

Our District does not make it simple to understand the performance at the schools. So we decided to take the CAASPP scores for each of the five high schools and compare them as they are reported in the Site Plans.

In reading the High School Site Plans some items stuck out:

For being a self proclaimed high performing District, why isn't the % of UC/CSU eligible closer to 90% at all Campuses? We would think this should be a metic to strive for.

With that in mind, are AP classes necessary to get there? Are they so necessary that the District Site Plans want to try to get more students in them.

What is CCA doing differently? The 2016-2017 class of juniors was the last class to be on the lottery; so these students would have been randomly picked. Why are their scores so much higher?

The Healthy Kids Survey are out. The item that stuck out the most based on chatter in the community is the percentage of our students that "Felt so sad they stopped doing usual activities" between the high schools was 19%-26%. Even more interesting, Torrey was 19% and the other high schools were 23%-26%. Do our lower test results also result in happier students?

What has stuck out to you? Please read Item 20 - Single Site Plans located in the November 2, 2017 Board Packet.

Please come to the School Board Meeting and share your thoughts, praises, concerns with the School Board.

It would be nice to see School Site Leadership at School Board meetings as well.

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