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Harassment & Bullying - Know Your Student’s Rights

One of 5 students is bullied or harassed at school (CDC, 2016). Almost every parent and student knows a student that has been verbally harassed by another student or staff member on our campuses. California law requires each school district to have a bullying and harassment policy with designated school personnel to handle complaints from students or parents along with time frames.

The district has provided anti-bullying information on their website but the policies noted relate specifically to Student behavior.

Presently district employees have more protection than students. Their current contract has specific expeditious time frames for a grievance. (See page 37 of the SDFA Contract 2015-2018)

Compare the rights of employees to the 22 year-old policy, SDUHSD Complaint Concerning District Employees 1312.1_AR_1, recently given to a parent as a reason to not investigate harassment by district staff.

Administration cannot pick and choose which harassment complaint to pursue. School policy cannot trump state law.

California law states:

  • School districts have a duty to protect children in the public schools from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying.

  • California law requires every actual or perceived bullying and harassment complaint be investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

The California Department of Education recommends the student to avoid the harasser. A school policy should not require students and parents to talk with the harasser before being able to meet with the school administration.

We agree that this district has good teachers that put students first, and further we are sure most would agree the district should comply with the law and provide a specific path for students and parents reporting harassment on campus.

Check out the following websites and get informed!

Learn what you can do to support a student!

Keep on top of our School Board and Administration to Govern our District and keep our policies current and relevant.

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