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RED FLAG WARNING: Special Ed Scores at ALL SITES and ALL STUDENT Scores at Torrey Pines DECLINE.

Amy Herman, what are the priorities of the District? As usual the District School Board and Administration are quick to pat themselves on the back without fully unpacking the data for the parents and the tax paying public. - See Press Release

The breakdown of achievement in our District by High School shows a different story. Let us see if the community agrees that our high performing district has the momentum in the right direction as boasted by Board President Herman in the recent district press release.

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) tests 11th grade students for a given school year. As parents, we do not really understand what all this means, but when the CSU system indicates they will use these test to determine college level placement - See EDSource Article, parents may want to finally pay attention.

The District likes to speak in generalities, showing "whole district numbers" that combine middle school and high school numbers together.

However, when we unpack the data for our five high schools, note that our high school students are not meeting the standards touted in the press release.

The 11th Grade ELA Average for San Diego County is 64.39%. Torrey Pines decline has put them within the AVERAGE band of every other High School in San Diego County. RED FLAG WARNING!!!!!

Special ED Student Data-ELA

ALL Student Data-ELA

In Math, We are at least doing better then the County Average of 36%. Does 56% of ALL Students at Torrey and LCC create bragging rights?

Special ED Student Data-MATH

ALL Student Data-MATH

Let's reassess what we mean by "High Performing"


Source Data:

SPED ADA by Site

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