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CIF emails reveal lack of administrative leadership in the SDUHSD

number of SDUHSD (High School) Students that play a CIF sport. YET, our school district lacks the proper leadership and budget planning to provide fair, safe and enriching opportunities for ALL Public High School Students.

Email correspondence between CIF and the SDUHSD shows a lack of leadership and understanding of CIF regulations and the School Boards own policies. Further questions arise around leadership continuity in the District and are certain teams being treated more favorably than other teams.

Remember the TPHS Tennis story in May 2017 - Life Lessons published in the San Diego UT. The emails outline a different, detailed story.

Did you know, if your Student wants to go to a college "camp" it has to be CIF approved otherwise they lose CIF eligibility. Well, CIF did not approve a softball student to attend a pitching and catching clinic at Duke University -- yes we said Duke -- because according to CIF the word clinic draws more club coaches to our public schools; which apparently CIF says the public schools do not want. They could only go to the part of the College program called "camp".

Other Notable eMails

  • Parents in April 2016 questioned CIF why they have a pay to play culture in swimming/water polo in our District where other Districts do not.

  • CIF identifies that summer programs are CLUB and not school programs.

  • TPHS Track Team's unsportsmanlike behavior in 2016 at Track meet with Rancho Bernardo HS

  • CCA Camp flyers violated CIF rules

  • Open gym has to be open to all enrolled students for out-of-season sport usage

  • CCA vs. Carlsbad parent incident with official

  • LCC vs. Carlsbad incident caused player ejections

  • Outlines pre-enrollement contact rule of engagement

  • Brief discussion on the needs of cheerleading programs and need for safe practice space and equipment (safety should be a priority for our students)

  • other nuggets of knowledge

History is important in that it reminds us where we came from:

The CIF was founded in Los Angeles in 1914 by a group of area school principals. It was founded in order to standardize rules and team structures between schools; it was also intended to prevent abuses such as "school shopping" by athletes and teams fielding players over high school age. Other school principals voluntarily entered into the program, and by 1917, the organization was established statewide.

These public records give an inside glimpse of the inner workings of our District and CIF, with the hopes of providing avenues for more meaningful conversations in the community.

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