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Attempt by CCA Foundation to "Solve the Case" Falls Short

Watchdog would like to thank the CCA Foundation for revamping the CCA Foundation website. The CCA Foundation’s attempt at Transparency is a great first step. Examples of what Watchdog appreciates:

  • Identification of Camps

  • Good start

  • Spirit Wear

  • One company for uniformity across all programs (we assume)

  • Spirit wear is not “uniforms”. This distinguishes the difference so students do not feel that they have to pay for uniforms to participate – which they do not. All items needed to participate in a school sponsored activity is “free to the student” (Watchdog assumes this is your intent)

  • About

  • All Financial Statements are posted (IRS 990s would be great as well)

  • Governance documents posted

While Watchdog appreciates the good attempts at Transparency, and to "Solve the Case of the Missing Foundation Money"; unfortunately, the CCA Foundation falls short. Watchdog calculations show an amount of $701,243 still missing between the CCA Foundation Financials and the website.

Here is how Watchdog dissects the numbers between the CCA Foundation Website and the CCA 2016-2017 Financials.

Questions for the CCA Foundation?

1) Where is the remaining annual $701,243?

2) Will the CCA Foundation provide a detailed break-out of who is being paid the $365,875 in Non-Employee Compensation from Financial Statement 16-17?

3) Will the CCA Foundation provided a detailed break-out of all items that make up the $221,065 in Other Program Events from Financial Statement 16-17?

4) Will the CCA Foundation provide a detailed break-out of all items that make up the $194,568 in Equipment & Supplies from Financial Statement 16-17?

5) Will the CCA Foundation post up all School Board Approved and/or District signed “cooperative agreements” such as funding of the Foundation, shared staff or shared office space as indicated in CCA Foundation Board Approved Policies 6-9-15 Rev 11-8-16?

6) Will the CCA Foundation consider opening up meetings to the public and comply with the Brown Act?

Almost there CCA Foundation.

Will the other High School Foundations follow the lead of CCA Foundation and start the road to transparency?

Who will get to full transparency first; the Foundations or the District?

For now the title of the CCA Foundation should read: Where Some of the Money Goes; but again Watchdog appreciates the attempt.

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