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January 17, 2019 School Board Meeting Highlights

Happy New Year Watchdogs!!! The 2019 Year is off to a great start in the SDUHSD.

What a breath of fresh air from this board meeting. Student Summit Update and promises of transparency by New Superintendent, Dr. Haley.

The School Board Video is posted; better sound quality promises great things in the coming year.

Follow the posted agenda items at the approximate times:

Item 5: Updates - (a) Students 6:20; (c) Superintendent 29:00 (Superintendent showcased a new District tee shirt)

Item 6: Student Report: December 2018 Student Summit 33:00

(This is a must watch - the students report out fantastically)

Item 8: Principal Updates - (a) CCA 1:06:00 (b) LCC 1:13:00

Item 18: Audit 1:52:00

Great to hear that the District is in a sound financial position. There was no concern that any of our great programs would need to be cut.

Item 25: Reports

(a) Business Services 2:13:00 - Need new Independent Citizen Oversight Committee Members (ICCOC). Applications can be found here.

(c) Human Resources 2:16:00 - Board President Hergesheimer expressed her joy with the ease of the transition to the new district heath insurance.

(e) Superintendent 2:22:55

Student Summit

California Public Record Act

Public Records Requests – Current Requests and Action Taken

The discussion on public records was fascinating, it sounds like the District is going to create its own watchdog site in the spirit of transparency. Listen to the entire interaction between the school Board and the Superintendent at Item 25(e).

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