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Integrity Eroded and Attempts at Restoration or is it just a Ruse?

A recent letter to the School Board demonstrates through public records eroded Integrity in the SDUHSD. How is any communication that comes from a public institution to be believed when the words by leaders are the opposite of their actions or just plain inaction?

This has been the constant question in the district by media outlets, many parents and community members for the past 5 years.

The April 4, 2019 Board Agenda seems to attempt restoration against the bad behaviors that have festered in the District for over a decade.

Let’s break down the eroded integrity alluded to in the letter with the use of publicly available data and information.

As Watchdog has demonstrated the past few years, Foundation(s) do not donate all money raised in the name of the School(s) to the School District. If they are, neither the Foundation(s) nor the School District can reconcile the benefits received by the District Schools with the Benefits the Foundation states it is giving as documented in IRS 990s.

Torrey Pines High School that reconciliation has reached $9.4M unaccounted through proper District Policies.

  • Who Will Solve the Case? (in process updates for 2017-2018)

  • For the 4th Board Meeting this school year no donations are received from the TPHS Foundation – Board Item 9b - (In process of deeper dive into CCA and its lack of Donations this month).

  • Updated TPHSF Numbers per IRS filed 990s vs. School Board Accepted Donations.

Teachers and Coaches are being paid directly by the Foundation - it took 536 days to answer if coaches are being paid by the Foundation - now where is all the data?

000515 Winter Ball Stipends

000948 Checks for Grad Night

Equity is lacking between district schools

No Certificated Teachers in the Classroom

Fundraising goes to paying adults over students being able to participate.

Public Records Show Behavior - and put all together the behavior does not look to put students first.

Attempt at Restoration or a Ruse?

The April 4, 2019 School Board Agenda Item 12a-c is asking the Board to approve deleting the current Board Policy Series 0000, 1000, and 2000 and replace them with entirely new policies based on the guidelines set by CSBA.

Of particular interest is BP 1230-AR1(last updated 1995) sets policy on school connected organizations.

The new policy expressly disallows any of the behaviors that have been transpiring in the District with regards to the Foundations.

The CSBA Policy looks to have been in place since at least 2016.

Why has it taken so long for the policy change? Why, when Beth Hergesheimer (School Board President) is so active in CSBA.

Why has she never taken the leadership role to protect our Students and change the behavior allowed by Site Administrators and their intertwined seamless relationships with these Foundations?

A ruse OR will we finally see real action?

If Action?


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