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Getting one thing right, lawyers doing computer repairs and BIG checks

How many of you have received a letter from the SDUHSD stating your student was truant, even though you the parent excused the absence for an activity such as a college visit their junior or senior year? How many of your students were called to the office and talked to by an assistant principal because of these truants? Well, thanks to a Torrey Pines High School Student who for the past 15 months attended school board meetings questioning the truancy policy, we finally have a proposed change to policy.

On November 7, 2019, the school board will be voting to adjust the Attendance Policy AR5113 as follows:

It is nice to see that a Student’s voice is heard and action is finally being taken to support the future success of students.


Lawyers Doing Computer Repair? Over the past four years questions stemming from sloppy accounting practices, to unfulfilled public records requests, to unaccounted revenue streams to questionable practices in the District’s special education program have swirled with no direct response from District Leadership. Now, it has been brought to the attention of Watchdog that District Legal Council has been paid over $158,875 on issues related to Repairs: Computer.

Granted the questionable practices are from Fall of 2018; prior to Dr. Haley's term but would still fall under the first budget year of his responsibility. This is equivalent to roughly two (2) new teachers in the District, could be used towards raises for classified staff, could fund music programs, could encourage more students to participate in after school activities, etc. We have to ask, why are lawyers doing computer repairs? The community needs some answers on this one; looks suspicious.


Where is the big check from the Foundations?

The Meeting Minutes from the September 19, 2019 Board Meeting show a report out by Superintendent Haley as follows:

Dr. Haley welcomed the new student board members, reported on the opening of school, attended seven Back to School Nights, the San Diego Section CIF Symposium, reported on a possible Board Workshop on CIF, is holding ongoing meetings with the Foundations, attended the NCCSE Board of Governors meeting, and the Jimbo’s grand opening at the Del Mar Highlands Town Center where the district was presented a $7,500 donation for its schools.

Also at the same Board Meeting Ms. Douglas provided an update on school-connected organizations, a handbook and donations report. However, watching the school board video, the actual update by Ms. Douglas is the District is updating a handbook from 2010-2011 that “they” just found. Watchdog "found" and shared a 2010-11 School Connected Handbook with the District and the Community in December 2017 – Read it here

Why the continued struggle to have transparency around all the funds the foundations “raise” and where the foundation spends the funds for the benefit of District Students.

Where is the big check every year from the foundations. Look at the excitement from the Superintendent to share the big check with the School Board and Community. The Foundations provide much more (according to the gratitude always expressed by the Superintendent and the Board towards the foundations) yet never a celebration with the big check and never a clear picture of that generosity especially given the amounts the Foundations state they raise every year in the name of the respective schools.

Perhaps it is because the District does not want to be fully transparent about what foundation funds are used for. Foundation funds, our guess, that over 85% come from District families directly. Is it because they don’t want to show the funds being spent constantly on adult parties; while opportunities, like participating in senior week are withheld from students because of an inability to pay.

Learn a little more about the Foundation communities in our District by pursuing twitter pages. Very interesting what is important in each respective high school Foundation community; is it Student or Adult centric? Here are a couple recent posts that stood out.

Hope to see you at the Board Meeting Thursday, November 7, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

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