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Student Voices Continue To Be Ignored in SDUHSD

Students have been significantly impacted by the shelter in place order and subsequent closing of our schools. In addition to missing out on traditional school activities, they have been forced into an isolated, fluid situation over which they have little control. Even so, our students have shown remarkable resilience, adjusting to distance learning

and focusing their efforts on one of the only factors under their control…their grades.

However, in the midst of these stressful circumstances, our district is mandating EVERY student be forced to accept Credit/No Credit (C/NC) for their second semester/fourth quarter efforts at all four district high schools, responsible for educating 13,300 students.

This policy of “one size fits all” for student grades denies individual achievement and ignores our students’ strong commitments to academic excellence. Students deserve a voice in their futures and are therefore requesting a policy change to give them a CHOICE between recording a traditional letter grade for all courses (with GPA weight) or

receiving a Credit/No Credit (with no impact on GPA) designation on their permanent school records.

On April 21, 2020, twenty-seven students and parents spoke via zoom at the SDUHSD’s regular board meeting in support of this change. The student comments were the most eloquent and heartfelt.

There are many arguments in favor of this change to a more equitable grading policy. Read More of the Detailed Points:


Board Member Mossy sent out an update after the 4/21/2020 School Board Meeting outlining her actions and requests stating that: "Our superintendent, Dr. Haley, has explained to us he is doing his best to implement the best policy for the most students, and there is no perfect option. He said he is still continuing to monitor the situation and in our recorded board meeting on Tuesday, I asked for data on the following:

Please read the asks by Board Member Mossy:

Additional Reference: SDUHSD School Board Meeting April 21, 2020

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