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SDUHSD Trustee Mossy - A Letter to the Community

Here is a copy of an mail I sent out yesterday, feel free to forward or post it if you think it might help...

To keep you updated here is what is most current in this situation. Many people have heard on Next-door a meeting will be taking place next week. I have not heard that a meeting will for sure take place, I requested this yesterday from both Dr. Haley and our board president and am hoping it will. Long before schools were shut down, the board was directed to “hold" May 14th on our calendars as a possible official meeting to update the board on Governor Newsome’s final budget for schools. I believe the meeting is still under consideration to talk about the budget and what we should expect for funding next year, but it would be good for people to know this is not official. It will be official when there is an agenda posted on the district website and all trustees are informed. I asked that a vote on our grading policy and an update on graduation plans per school site be added on the agenda as well as discussing the budget. I also indicated to our superintendent I believe the best option for all kids is to have the freedom to choose either credit /no credit or a letter grade at the end of the semester. Since students are already compiling letter grades in Aeries, this should not be a major issue for staff.

I know many people are very upset about the current grading situation. As a teacher, I wish grades were not necessary and learning was just about learning for the joy of knowledge, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the way the world works- even in a global pandemic with people dying, families out of work, the economy crashing, stress at dangerous levels, some kids with no parents at home to help them. This is a very challenging time. Personally, our small business is struggling, we have laid off 70 employees, but worst of all one beloved employee died from Covid-19.

I also know people are very upset with my three colleagues who do not share their opinion. I can only tell you from great personal experience that each one of my fellow trustees volunteers hundreds of hours, foregoing much free time, to advocate for kids. In general we usually agree on most topics, however even when we do not agree, each one has been profoundly professional and respectful to me. I do love living in a democracy where we can stand up and fight for what we feel is right, disagree, and still move forward as a team to make a positive impact for kids. I do 100% firmly believe my colleagues are serving on the board for the right reasons and they genuinely want to do what is best. I heard our board president was served with a notice to be recalled- while she and her husband (recovering from major surgery), were on a tele-visit from a doctor who is treating him for unexpected life threatening cancer.

While school is very important, life and death is our focus as a nation right now. I pray during this time of great uncertainty, we can draw closer together and not apart. That we can look for the good, the common thread, and try and build something positive together- to still make a real difference and leave the world a little better than we found it. We all have an expiration date just like the milk, except it’s not printed on our forehead and known to us. I don’t know about you but I don’t want my last day here to be filled with anger, frustration and hate.

My prayer, for everyone right now, is that we help one another in the time we have left and leave people hearts better than when we arrived. I hope I, alongside others, can model this for the students we so deeply advocate for.

Most Sincerely, Melisse

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