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School Site Budgets


How is your school spending money - Understanding our School's site budget process will help us as a community better understand how to support our students.      In order to effectively influence what we,  as a community,  care about we need to understand which spending decisions are made at the school level and which the district controls.

In order for us to be more informed let's start with the site budgets at each school to better understand what if costs to run these schools.    The benefit of our District is each School has a personality, understanding it the site budget will help direct funds to what is important to our school community.


Historic Site Actuals and Current Year Budget

Canyon Crest Academy

La Costa Canyon High School

San Dieguito Academy High School

Sunset High School

Torrey Pines High School

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Carmel Valley Middle School

Diegueno Middle School

Earl Warren Middle School

Oak Crest Middle School

Pacific Trails Middle School

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