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Superintendent - Dr. Robert Haley

                               - Effective 11/1/2018

                                          - Copy of Superintendent's Contract

                                          - Copy of CTC Online Data

The Superintendent = Chief Administrative Officer

As Chief Administrative Officer

  • The Superintendent is hired by the School Board.    He works for the Board.  

  • Superintendent sees that board direction is carried out and manages the day-to-day operations of the district.

  • As the EDUCATIONAL leader for the district, the superintendent performs a LEADERSHIP role on issues that affect the district and the education of the students (children) in the schools, works at the direction and in collaboration (hopefully) with the school board to see that the district is governed effectively

Past Superintendents

2016 - 2018     Eric Dill (resigned 5/29/2018)

                               - First Superintendent in District History not to have a teaching credential or an Administrative Certificate.

                      - Copy of Superintendent's Contract

                          -  Copy of CTC Online Data

                          -  Read more about the Hiring Process of Eric Dill 


2013 - 2016     Rick Schmitt

2008 - 2013     Ken Noah

2001 - 2008     Dr. Peggy Lynch


1972 - 2001     Bill Berrier